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Lean six sigma is a management approach to improving the performance of the business. This strategy blends two individual strategies of Six Sigma and Lean. These are among the most widely used management strategies in the world. They have experienced a high level of success in several services and industries. This article will be exploring the concept of lean six sigma certification in detail. It will help you to make an informed decision especially if you are planning to enroll in a lean six sigma course.


The use of Lean Six Sigma supports efficiency and quality improvements within the organization. Lean focuses on removing wastes out of the process, efficiency, and speed. On the other hand, Six Sigma looks at removing variability. When you combine these two principles and implement them properly, it becomes a very powerful management tool that can improve the performance of the organization greatly. The strategy will give you a structured approach to resolving problems. The Lean Six Sigma certification will help the business to bring about structural improvements. These improvements apply both to the service-based and manufacturing sectors. The best company to help you get these certifications in the region is Lean Six Sigma Experts of Montana.

There are four main levels of lean six sigma certification. Each certification reflects the training of the employee, time spent working on projects, and the level of expertise. The four certification levels include the yellow, green, black, and master black belts. For the purpose of this article, we will only look at the last three.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: Professionals who are certified with the green belt support the black belt in solving and analyzing quality problems. These professionals are involved in the quality improvement of projects. The green belts also help to review data and suggestions that are sent by the yellow belts. Some green belts have enough experience that allows them to manage and lead a project on their own. It all depends on the level of experience that they have in a particular field. Green belts are known to be the workhorses of the business. You can get these certifications through the six sigma certification online.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Lean six sigma black belts have a clear understanding of the principles and philosophies of six-sigma together with the techniques, tools, and supporting systems of this process. These are people who demonstrate team leadership and understand all the elements of the DMAIC framework. Black belt holders are known to be full-time change agents. They fully understand team dynamics and assign responsibilities and roles to their team members.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification: This personnel is at the top of the food chain when dealing with the Lean Six Sigma subject matters. To become a master black belt, you need a minimum experience of five years as a black belt as a practicing professional. You have to submit your review for candidature and if it is accepted, you are approved to perform as a Master Black Belt.

Why You Need Lean Six Sigma Certification

When you learn the Lean Six Sigma methodology and apply it in your workplace, it will have significant effects on your business. With the lean six sigma certification on your profile, it shows that you are committed to enhancing your analytics and business intelligence skills. It also shows that you are committed to improving the business within your work. What lean six sigma does is that it makes the person who is holding the certificate stand out of the crowd.

If you have this certification, you will also get better job opportunities and higher salaries. The status also allows you to command a high level of respect because it is not easy to attain these certifications. Most hiring managers and executives at leading companies know this very well.

Most organizations implement the lean six sigma certification because they know it is a great way to enhance the quality of their products and services. The lean six sigma methodology looks at the rate at which the company does not provide acceptable products and services. This certification is a professional credential that makes sure that there is quality improvement within the organization. Here are some of the benefits of lean six sigma certification.

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Customer Satisfaction

Lean Six Sigma certification will help you to enhance your customer satisfaction. It helps the organization to implement improvement processes and enhances quality control. All these initiatives lead to better products hence increasing the level of customer satisfaction. Your customers will enjoy better services and better delivery and quality. It tells you why most customers ask business owners if they are using lean six sigma. It is a good way of increasing your credibility and attracting more customers. It tells them that you offer the best quality products and services.

Customer Loyalty: With the Lean Six Sigma certification, the organization is able to deliver the best customer experience. Satisfied customers will definitely remain loyal to the brand and come back to make future purchases. The most important thing is for the quality of the product to remain consistent.

Employee Satisfaction: The Six Sigma certification assists organizations to also increase the level of employee satisfaction. It boosts the self-esteem of employees because all levels of lean six sigma certification allows the candidates to suggest feasible and new ideas, speak with confidence and solve the given business problems successfully. These experts also begin to understand why change is necessary within the organization. They will help other employees to understand the problem in order to remove their root causes and make sure that it does not happen again. 

Financial Benefits: Lean Six Sigma certification has well-documented financial benefits. Several successful companies have been posting great numbers for any years because of implementing this strategy. Examples include Honeywell, GE, and Motorola just to name a few. Only professionals can work on such projects especially those that have lean six sigma certification. Most of the Lean Six Sigma projects yield great financial benefits.

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