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The strategy of Lean Six Sigma uses both the Lean manufacturing methodology and the Six Sigma strategy. In this particular case, the primary focus of the lean methodology is the efficiency and quickness of the job that is being done. On the other hand, the Six Sigma strategy focuses on defect elimination and improving product quality. When you combine these two strategies, you will get Lean Six Sigma. The best company to help you with Lean Six Sigma training in the state of Montana is Lean Six Sigma Experts of Montana. When you combine these two methodologies, you will get a strategy that will deliver the best quality products at the most efficient speed.

LSS Montana-Lean Six Sigma Training

Top Management Participation

When it comes to training in Lean Six Sigma, a lot of emphases is placed on the top management. It will make sure that the top leaders are involved actively in this training process. When you do this, it will make sure that the workers accept to go along with this training process.

This normally takes place when the organization appoints trainers from other sources that are outside the company. Most employees don’t like outsiders to impart the lean six sigma training to them. However, these consultants are the best because they carry a lot of information that can be of great help to the organization. To avoid these situations or counter such acts, the company can appoint the top official of the organization to be trainers so that they can command respect over the workers. You may be forced to train your employees to get this certification so that they can become trainers. This will resolve any doubt that your employees could be having with respect to the lean six sigma training process.  It will create a comfortable training environment for both the employees and the trainers.

The Top Management Role

When the top managers command respect from the other employees, it does not imply that these people should be present all the time during the lean six sigma training. The catch is that employees need to feel the presence of the top management during the process of training. This calls for better involvement of the higher officials during the training sessions.

The frequency of these departmental heads or top managers can be three to four times every week. However, better involvement doesn’t mean that these managers are the ones who should explain all the technical details of lean six sigma to the employees. Remember this is a role that should be left to certified trainers. Unless the CEO is certified, he will not be versed with all the A to Z of the lean six sigma strategy. The heads of department may only teach the benefits of lean six sigma and the effects of adopting it. Their responsibility is to get feedback from the workforce about the training process and how to improve the training to make it more beneficial to the organization and the team.

The Training Results

It is easy to measure the results that come from lean six sigma training. The most important thing is for your employees to know what they should be doing and the best time of doing so. Trainers should also put more emphasis on the practical tests instead of brief examinations that are in the theoretical format. It will prepare your employees for any situation and transform them into expertise Lean Six Sigma strategists.  It is one of the reasons why Lean Six Sigma is an important component of the Lean implementation projects.

Classroom Training

Classroom training resembles attending a college or school lecture. However, the candidates don’t need to pass the exam in order to get to the next grade. You can apply for the lean six sigma exam later on but it is not a must during the training.

As a candidate, you need to be self-motivated. Remember this is a great chance to improve your skill levels and career profile. The organization can hire consultants from outside the organization to carry out the classroom lean training. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Montana is a great example of these consultancy firms.

In some cases, this is an important approach because employees tend to be more attentive to outsiders and not people from within the organization. These classroom training are more cost-effective even though they also have their own shortcomings. The only challenge is that there is no motivation for the trainers to reach out to the candidates and help them to understand the basics of the course. If candidates don’t show interest, all the money and effort will go down to the drains.

It tells you why most organizations in Montana provide incentives to both the candidates and the trainers. The other challenge is when the training takes place after and during working hours. It is very hard to get the attention of the candidates during such times. The learners become so weary during and after the working hours.

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Online Training

Six sigma certification online training is an excellent option for small businesses that can’t afford to divert their human resources to certain unproductive activities like classroom training. With online training, the candidates can schedule their own training sessions as per their individual preferences and also from the comfort of their homes. Online training is also a cheap way of imparting lean six sigma training to learners.

The only drawback with online training is that they don’t give the learners any practical experience in the principles and philosophies of lean six sigma. Remember this is an important aspect if you wish to understand the complexities of implementing Lean Six Sigma in the real business environment. However, you will not have to worry about the six sigma certification cost when studying this course online.

On the Job Training

In case the candidates possess some basic theoretical knowledge, on-the-job training is the best option for them. It is great if you need to carry out lean implementations on the basis of proximity and you don’t have sufficient time for theoretical training. 

If you are planning to go for lean six sigma certification, you can use any of the methods that have been stated above. It all depends on your expectations and needs. However, it will be better if you use a combination of these methods instead of just relying on one of them. It will help you to get the benefits of all these training methods and avoid the drawbacks of each of them. It will become much easier to achieve the desired results of Lean Six Sigma.

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